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Last Updated: 07/30/15 11:57:06 EDT
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Hurricane Summary POSTED: July 30, 2015 6:09 a.m. Watching Two Areas for Potential Development We are monitoring two areas across the Atlantic Basin at this time for potential tropical development. A tropical wave along with a broad area of low pressure is currently located a couple hundred miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. The system is tracking off to the west at around 15 knots or about 6 degrees of longitude per day. It has a chance to become better organized over the next few days and may become a tropical depression as it moves through a zone of relatively low wind shear and warm ocean waters. Eventually, it will move into a zone of cooler ocean waters so the faster this system can potentially develop, the better chance it will have of becoming a tropical depression or even a tropical storm. The second area we are watching for potential development is an area of low pressure located east of the coast of northern Florida. Although the low center is over very warm ocean water, strong shear is likely to inhibit further tropical development of this system. Eventually, this system will become absorbed into a southward moving cool front by Friday or Friday night. The rest of the Atlantic Basin including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean looks fairly quiet through the upcoming weekend into early next week. By AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski

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